is a family oriented babysitting service

Who we are

KIDDO, is a family oriented babysitting service. Fabiola Orellana created KIDDO to serve the needs of families who come to enjoy our slice of tropical paradise in Nayarit. San Pancho is a multicultural, picturesque and quiet town located on the Pacific coast of Mexico. Here you will be able to rest, play sports, and immerse yourself in culture and art for the whole family. Additionally, San Pancho offers dream worthy sunsets, beautiful beaches to surf, delicious restaurants and places like "Entreamigos" , which is the community center of our beloved town.

We know how important the trust and safety of your children are and at KIDDO we are committed to helping you.


Fabiola, or Faby as many families in San Pancho know her, has more than 15 years of experience in caring and helping with the development of children. Faby arrived in San Pancho in 2016 where she worked as a teacher at a Montessori/Waldorf school in town and as a nanny. This was not her first time working with child development and care. Originally from Chile, Fabi created her own school. From 2011 to 2015, she founded a space with a conscious approach to education that was based also on Waldorf and Montessori methods. Faby is now an integral part of the San Pancho community. She is adored by many and considered by most part of the family.

The Kiddo team

All of our staff are rigorously selected under the strict criteria of KIDDO. We are a bilingual team who are all knowledgeable in first aid. Parents will have the opportunity to meet ethical, honest, responsible and nurturing people. Families trust KIDDO because we are men and women whose first priority is accompanying, assisting, playing and motivating ourselves everyday for the well-being of children. Beside working on caring for children from the inside out, we love the outdoors and connecting with nature. Many staff surf and are very knowledgeable about the ocean and the surrounding areas of Sayulita, San Pancho, and its neighboring towns. Additionally, we have qualified nannies and babysitters with a driver's license. It is important to us as a team that everyone is able to experience different styles of care and philosophies. At KIDDO, this is fundamental to be able to aid parents and have the necessary tools to support all types of parenting styles.


We have many services which include whole nights, events, extended stays, au pairs and more. We offer:

Babysitting available by the hour, day or select times.. If you are thinking of spending a season in paradise and you are concerned about the continuity of your children's care and activities, you can count on us. With this service you will have access to our private list of qualified babysitters, all of them trained and with their own specialties and interests so that you can choose the best fit for your child.

Babysitting available for events like weddings or parties. We can even help you organize an event or care of your children (and those of your friends) while enjoying their celebration.

Organizing everything needed for your children's birthdays. Leave the organization in our hands. We can supply a piñata, cake, decorations, games, art and food to make an unforgettable celebration for the attendees.

Walks in nature and/or town.


Spanish and/or English

Day Camps offered twice a year

Personalized swimming and surfing lessons.

Au Pair services. We have a list of babysitters and nannies who want to travel and are willing to bring our trademark of culture and quality to your home.

San Pancho, Nayarit, México